Twenty five new images have appeared for upcoming horror release The Apparition

The Apparition title

I'm actually genuinely excited for THE APPARITION, if for no other two reasons than to see Tom Felton play a role unlike that of HARRY POTTER/PLANET OF THE APES and a horror movie where the victims create their monster in a way that isn't through callous teenage bullying stupidity. 

You can find a five of the pictures below, with the remaining twenty lying in wait for you if you click here.  They're a healthy mix of stills from the movie and behind the scenes photos, so that's fun.

In what-hopefully-isn't-but-looks-suspiciously-like a studio dump date for a horror movie, you can catch THE APPARATION in just a few short weeks on August 24th.

The Apparition article pic 4

The Apparition article pic 1

The Apparition article pic 5

The Apparition article pic 3

The Apparition article pic 2

Extra Tidbit: Seeing Felton in that last picture makes me wish there was ghostly superhero called The Spectral Hipster. Let me know if you ever decide to use that name and create said superhero. I won't mind.
Source: Warner Bros.



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