Twin Peaks book written by co-creator Mark Frost explains season 3's ending!

So I definitely had mixed feelings about TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. There were a lot of things I loved, such as revisiting old characters, the atmosphere, haunting and beautiful images (that nuclear explosion in episode 8 was mesmerizing), and some fun new characters (who knew Jim Belushi could be good in anything?). However, there were also a lot of things I didn't like, such as almost everything with Dougie, and - of course - the ending.

But it seems that last one might be remedied in Mark Frost's - co-creator of TWIN PEAKS - canonical tie-in book TWIN PEAKS: THE FINAL DOSSIER, which answers one of the more burning questions the finale decidedly didn't. In the finale proper, SPOILERS, Dale Cooper tries to go back in time and save Laura Palmer from her doom...except she's taken away by an unseen force before he can complete the task. Dale then (seemingly) travels to an alternate dimension to find her, only Laura - while alive - doesn't have the same name, and has a different past. She doesn't even know what TWIN PEAKS is. When Dale travels to her old home, turns out she never lived there, and then after asking fruitlessly "What year is it?" Laura screams and we cut to black. However, before that, we do see Laura's plastic lined body from the pilot disappearing. So, did he succeed in saving her, only for the evil forces of Judy to send her to that alternate pocket dimension? What exactly happened?

Well, in the aforementioned book, presented as classified FBI files from newcomer Agent Tammy Preston, it describes what happens right after the infamous finale. Apparently, Laura's body was never found, and she is still a missing person's case. Meaning Dale - at the very least - saved her from her initial fate. Furthermore, Leland apparently killed himself out of guilt in police custody. So, at least that mystery is solved. Now...where's season 4? 

Meanwhile, you can buy Frost's new book right now!

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