Twin Peaks sequel series releases teaser

I think sometimes when people talk about David Lynch's 1990 series TWIN PEAKS, they focus on how "weird" it was. But it was much more than that. It had great character moments, an intriguing central mystery, and a number of surprising twists and turns. The show also evoked the feeling of a quintessential "small town" as the horrors and corruption that lurk just beneath that kind of facade surfaced, while also showcasing the appeal of such a facade, especially how Laura Palmer's death affected everyone deeply. The show was all at once scary, funny, intriguing, and ultimately very human.

Anyway, a reboot series of TWIN PEAKS is on the way at Showtime, and here's a teaser trailer to whet our appetite:

So yeah. The show was also pretty weird.

TWIN PEAKS will premiere someitme next year in 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Bob was cast because the reflection of a crew member was seen in a shot, and instead of writing it off as a continuity error, Lynch just cast the crew member.
Source: YouTube



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