Twin Peaks releases two more featurettes about its origins and legacy

Yesterday we posted Part 1 of a featurette series celebrating David Lynch and Mark Frost's seminal series TWIN PEAKS. Now part 2 and 3 are out, for your viewing pleasure:

Now, there's always some apprehension when a movie or TV show you loved gets a revival years (and especially decades) later. Will it recapture the magic? Will it be a disappointment? Or will it just be more of the same, prompting a "what was the point" reaction? These are all the fears fans have of Showtime's revival of TWIN PEAKS.

But I have hope. And judging by the reverence the cast and crew seem to have for the show - as well as understanding their own impact and legacy - I think we're in good hands. At the very least, now that they know this might be last season, they'll hopefully close all loose ends they mean to close this time (though I'm assuming there'll be some things left hanging due to dream logic and such). So that's exciting unto itself.

I guess we'll find out for ourselves when TWIN PEAKS returns May 21st.

Extra Tidbit: So, favorite character...GO!
Source: YouTube



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