Twisted gets Tortured

Twisted Pictures, the dudes behind the SAW movies, have signed Rob Lieberman to direct the upcoming revenge thriller TORTURED. The film, written by Marek Posival, follows a young couple whose daughter is kidnapped and killed by a pedophile. Obsessed with rage and revenge they are presented with the opportunity to kidnap the killer and go eye for an eye style on his ass. While it sounds pretty basic, I always thought this would be a great concept for a movie. What is the most horrifying thing in the world? Well, if you're a parent, it's the thought of anything happening to your babies. That's certainly enough to motivate two normal parents to flip. In fact, I've often wondered what I'd do if someone made the unfortunate mistake of hurting either of my kids. I don't think I have an answer but I'm guessing it wouldn't be pretty. Hopefully the film isn't just another entry into the post-HOSTEL nouveau torture genre. Lieberman will make his feature directorial debut with the film. His experience comes from the TV world where's he's worked on "The Dead Zone" among others. Filming on TORTURED is expected to begin in June in Toronto using the same crew that is currently working on SAW IV.

Source: Variety



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