Two movie photo round-up: a new still from Django Unchained featuring Foxx with his six shooter and BTS shots from Looper

A viral game of sorts recently began in promotion of Rian Johnson's LOOPER, and now two new BTS pictures have been revealed in reward for those of you playing the game. One shows Joseph Gordon-Levitt's makeup being applied, one shows the process of shooting a scene on the side of a building, and both still somehow manage to bring their own kind of cool. Maybe it's just the black and white/noirish photography (check out the camera angle in that second picture!), maybe it's really being able to see the makeup budget at work, maybe it's I don't know.

But whatever it is that makes the tenor of these pictures cool, I'm looking forward to LOOPER being full of it when the film releases in a little less than a month on September 28th.

Looper BTS 1

Looper BTS 2

On the other side of the spectrum, the "cool because it's infused with a combined Western-funk aesthetic," is a thus-far-unreleased promotional image for DJANGO UNCHAINED featuring Jamie Foxx as Django and his gun as its badass self (click for a larger version!). In a fun version of the same counter-programming used with Fincher's THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, you can catch DJANGO UNCHAINED on Christmas Day of this very year.

Django Unchained new promo image

Extra Tidbit: I want that coat. Then again, I'm not Jamie Foxx, and so I probably would not look nearly as dapper.



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