Two new Dark Shadows TV spots really play up the comedy

Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS has already become the hot/cold summer movie of 2012. Prior to the trailer being released, it seemed that most people were expecting a true Hammer Horror style film. But, the initial reaction to the footage we have all seen is that we are getting something closer to THE ADDAMS FAMILY films. There have already been accusations that this is Burton's horror version of MARS ATTACKS.

As someone who actually enjoyed MARS ATTACKS, I am still keeping an open mind about this film. Johnny Depp has the uncanny ability to make even bad movies into enjoyable ones. In these newest TV spots, we get a lot more of the comedy included in the film as well as some potential gory scenes. I am pretty sure this one is going to be PG-13, but an R-rated gory horror comedy would certainly make for a better take on the material.

I do like a good "fish out of water" story and seeing Barnabas' reactions to the modern technology of the 1970s is good for a laugh, but can it sustain an entire film?

DARK SHADOWS opens May 11th.

Extra Tidbit: Will Johnny Depp get to star in another movie where he doesn't have to wear make up?
Source: Dread Central



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