Two new official stills from The Amazing Spider-Man have arrived

Spiderman Banner

While these really don't tell us anything new about the story per se, they do further cement to me that the version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man we're getting in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is definitely the child of a post-DARK KNIGHT world. 

Official Amazing Spider-Man picture 1

Official Amazing Spider-Man picture 2

Beyond the discussion of whether "grit and darkness" is the true tonal path a Spider-Man story should take, I think do think that it is genuinely important to explore and show how this kid, who is still a superhero with great responsibility, is also human both inside and out.  And suffering, bodily harm, doubt, turmoil, confusion, and the pull between the forces of power, responsibility, compassion, love, and anger? The inclusion of all of these things serves to make Spider-Man something more than a symbol. They make him a man.

And that fallible and naive humanity is, to me, the true draw of Spider-Man.  Well that, and his ability to have a wisecrack for everything.  So hopefully that quality has found its way into THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN as well and they're just holding it back in favor of selling the action instead. 

Spidey swings into your friendly neighborhood cinema July 3rd, and you can look for a new trailer this Thursday.

Extra Tidbit: Because I'm obsessive and excited by the creative team behind this movie, I'm already wondering what the sequel might be called. Any ideas?



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