Two new pics for Depp

If there's one guy out there I could picture playing a pirate it's Johnny Depp.  The man just oozes pirate.  I must not be the only one who can picture him with a hook-hand or peg-leg, cause he's just signed on to star in THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN for producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski.  His participation in PIRATES is actually part of a two-pic deal with Disney that will have him follow-up with another Bruckheimer pic, TAKEDOWN.  Depp was in talks to star in TAKEDOWN back in late 2000 but moved on to other projects.  Since then the film has gone through numerous directors (Tony Scott and Tarsem) but has now settled with rookie Michael Haussman.

TAKEDOWN, based on the book "Deadly Force: In the Streets With the U.S. Marshals" by Carsten Stroud, is the true story of Luke Zitto.  He's heading a manhunt for two criminals, an axe murderer and a rapist, who he discovers are actually in cahoots and somehow protected by the US government.   PIRATES is based on the popular Disney theme park attraction that highlights the drunken debauchery of pirates on the high seas.  All that is known about the project at this point is that it will follow the rescue of a ship from the hold of pirates trying to reverse the effects of an ancient curse.  Filming on PIRATES begins this October and TAKEDOWN immediately afterwards.

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