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Honest Abe was kind enough to send us his thoughts on two scripts he's read recently.  First up is the next film from James Wong and Glen Morgan called WILLARD followed by this year's big 4th of July blockbuster MEN IN BLACK 2.  Here's Abe...

WILLARD (negative, minor spoilers)
Okay, I've never seen the original but regardless of that let's get into this. Willard (the character and the script) is pathetic. He's a loser with no friends who lives with his mom and works in the firm that was owned by his father until he sold it to his greedy partner. Willard finds rats in his basement and takes one on as a pet. Soon, Willard learns to command and control the rats like a general does an army. Willard meets Ben, described as being 18 inches long looking like a small dog, and soon realizes that he can use the rats to exact revenge against his boss. I can't tell if they're going for a character study of tragic proportions or a horror flick. HOW BOUT NEITHER??? This is a pure bore snore fest. The only bright spot is a female temp who works with Willard but she's badly underwritten. There are so many 'so what's' going throughout my mind as I read this, followed by an ocean of "who cares." There is one thing I have to mention about an early scene. Willard freaks when he first sees the rats. It's almost as if he's gonna have a heart attack but as soon as he comes upon a trapped baby rat, he suddenly pulls a 180 and acts like a new mother. I'm sorry, I can't continue to waste your time or mine on this review any more. Bottom line: AVOID LIKE THE PLAUGE!!!

MEN IN BLACK (positive, minor spoilers)
I'll keep this short cause I know there have been countless reviews about this already. Let me just say that I was a big fan of the first movie. If I had one problem with it: it was too short. I wanted more. I have the feeling that I may be feeling the same about the sequel. I really don't want to ruin anything but yes, Tommy Lee Jones is back and it's a totally plausable reason for why he's back. Some other familiar alien faces are back too and you'll be pleased to see who. I only have one problem and that's the love story that evolves around J (Will Smith) and Rosario Dawson. It just happens waaaay too quickly. This is an early draft of the script I read and the WTC is a key plot point in this draft. Needless to say, that has been changed (to what, I haven't heard). All in all, looks like Agents K and J have another blockbuster on their hands. Definite opening weekend viewing...and that's my bottom line.

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