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Our trusty script reviewer, Honest Abe, has been away for a bit but is back with two new reviews for you, both featuring young hotties.  First off is the Katie Holmes film ABANDON followed by Rachael Leigh Cook in THE INVISIBLE GIRL. Take it away Abe!...

ABANDON - (positive, minor spoilers)
Katie Holmes plays......Katie (whew, a stretch!) a senior in college who's just shy of graduation and trying to figure out what to do with her life. Benjamin Bratt is Alvin Handler, a detective struggling through the opening days of going through alcohol rehab. He is also investigating the disappearance of Katie's boyfriend Embry who vanished without a trace 2 years earlier. Right away, you get a sense of what a fragile character Alvin is and I'm hoping that Bratt can employ a lot of depth into this role, as he's the most interesting in the script. Katie is still scarred by Embry's disappearance and we see through flashbacks that Embry was the first real love of her life, not to mention the first person who opened her small town eyes to the world. Soon though, Katie in the present is seeing what she thinks are flashes of Embry. Has he come back or is it all in her head and she's going nuts? Naturally, sparks begin to fly once Katie and Alvin begin to talk about Embry. As we see in continued flashbacks, Embry was a wannabe rebel. The kind of punk who thinks he's above the establishment and you know, like all this is bullshit and you're just feeding into the capitalist superstructure and blah blah blah (editorial: I fucking hate these people, especially young people who act like this. A big fuck you to all of you!...now back to our review) Once Katie is convinced that Embry has indeed come back, her friend Harrison disappears. Now, since Embry and Harrison didn't like each other, Katie's world begins to fly further apart. (taking ecstasy doesn't help much either) She's conflicted about her feelings for Alvin as well. Is she truly going mad? This should provide Katie Holmes with the beginnings of a break out career as she leaves Dawson's Creek. She hasn't disappointed me yet (THE GIFT, even though it was a minor role, DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, a great guilty pleasure movie, and GO) I'm know that she won't be able to play young student type roles forever but there's a depth to her that I hope we can at least get a peek at in Abandon. I'm more looking forward to Bratt's portrayal of the fragile cop on the edge. There's a great moment where he simply says 'fuck it' and enters a bar. Of course, I'm not gonna ruin everything for you. I'll say this, it's well written and has a twist or two that I didn't see coming until the last moment. The last scene should be good for shock value. One obscure hint: Pet Semetary. Stew on that one!) Bottom line: if the trailer doesn't give away too much (translation: it will) check it out. I know I will.

Katie Holmes and Benjamin Bratt in ABANDON

THE INVISIBLE GIRL - (mixed, minor spoilers)
This is not some kind of comicbook type movie. Rachel Lee Cook stars as the title character but she's not invisible in the physical sense (cause that would be a damm shame!) No, Rachel's character, Jennifer, is simply going through the days as an unnoticed person. It all stems from her hippie parents who, first of all, were surprised she was born (she was an unexpected twin) and then they adopt a vietnamese baby who is already named Jennifer. Anyways, Jen is the shy and quiet type. She is the kind of person that you don't give a moment's thought too (man, they're really gonna have to play her down.) One night, she witnesses a murder and then sees a thief (the ski mask and gloves are kind of a give-away) come upon the body. Both men see Jen who quickly bolts. (the two men are not working together, by the way). The thief, Nicholas, finds Jen the next day when she comes back to the murder scene (where the press is naturally gathered). He kidnaps her and brings her back to his place and explains that he's not the killer. Jen of course knows this but then again, this is the first real excitement she's ever had in her life. A good portion of the story then involves these two getting to know each other better. Nicholas is actually a thief working with a friend who plans to rob an armored truck. The killer is really just a back story. Even the cops aren't really a factor until Jen realizes that the killer is getting close to her. She issues an open challenge to him through the media and the game is on for what is a kinda quick resolution. Now, I found this to be well written in a quirky independent type of way. I like the banter between Jen and Nicholas. My only problem really is how easy Jen is able to slip in and out of situations without being seen. It's almost like she really is invisible! Which again, she isn't. I've been a fan of Miss Cook's for awhile and I appreciate her taking on quirky roles like this one but between you and me, if I saw her walking down the street...trust me she wouldn't be invisible. Bottom line: this little independent film could be a nice quirky (i like that word, so sue me) breath of fresh air if you're looking to get away from your big studio films. At the very least, I'd recommend a matinee/sneak in. The dialogue's kinda snappy which is a plus.

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