Two new TV spots for Oliver Stone's Savages feature guns, explosions, and scary masks

Oliver Stone's SAVAGES is a month away and wants to remind you of it with these two new TV spots for the film.  Starring Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Blake Lively, John Travolta, Benicio Del Toro, and Salma Hayek, the crime thriller looks like it'll be a lot of fun with some outlandish characters, violent action, and the sexy presence of both Lively and Hayek (and Kitsch and Johnson for the other side). 

Go to War (on drugs):

Stone has had a varied career, with a hit or miss pattern from each genre he tackles, whether it be political, war, or something else entirely.  SAVAGES seems to have the most in common with U TURN and NATURAL BORN KILLERS.  The potential hybrid of those two films into a crime thriller has got me all sorts of excited.  I'm really hoping for Stone to pull out a win, mostly because I just want to see a good damn movie from the guy, who has the technical skill and bat-shit craziness to pull off something worthwhile.

SAVAGES opens on July 6, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: As one of the few non-CGI heavy action flicks to hit theaters this year, Savages has my money for that alone.
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