Two new TV spots for Red 2 with Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren

Yet another comic-book adaptation coming out this summer, although it's not the first you think of, is RED 2, starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony Hopkins, Byung-hun Lee, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The first film did surprisingly well and was a fun little jaunt for the genre and the sequel, based on the trailers and these two new TV spots, looks to be about as fun, if not more so. Director Dean Parisot (GALAXY QUEST) leads the charge on this one, which will go head-to-head with the original director's (Robert Schwentke) new summer film, R.I.P.D. on the same date.

Check 'em out:

Here's the synopsis:

Retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device.

RED 2 hits theaters on July 19, 2013.

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