Two X-Files clips!

Remember just yesterday when we were forced to pull down the X-FILES clip that premiered at the LA Film Festival? In that article I told you that while we had to pull the bootleg copy, Fox promised it would be online in hi-res very soon. Very soon is right now. Yahoo! Movies has posted that clip along with another brand new clip from THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE (God, I'm getting sick of typing that whole title out). Considering we know nothing about the movie up to this point (was that leaked plot synopsis even real?), this is more information than we've ever had. I won't say anything here for fear of the spoiler hounds chasing me down and eating me alive. But check em out for yourself to see. You can watch the clip, which we had originally hosted from the LAFF, below and then head to Yahoo! to watch that clip and the 2nd one in HD.

Extra Tidbit: The name of this clip is "Hold the Line," which makes me wonder if there'll be any Toto on the soundtrack.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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