Tyler Hoechlin to screen test for Batman plus possible plot for Superman/Batman film


"Really? That's awesome! So who's going to play Batman?"

That's literally what I hear every time I tell someone about Zack Snyder's Superman/Batman movie. Everyone wants to know who will be wearing the cowl next, and obviously there's going to be tons of rumors swirling around until we hear some sort of confirmation, which could be awhile. As it is with most rumors, I'd take this one from Cosmic Book News with a massive grain of salt.

The site has a source within DC Entertainment and they are claiming that Tyler Hoechlin (HALL PASS, ROAD TO PERDITION, MTV's Teen Wolf) is being "heavily considered" for Bruce Wayne/Batman. According to their source DC is looking for an actor who is at the same level of popularity that Henry Cavill was at before MAN OF STEEL, and Hoechlin will have a screen test with Cavill. The source reveals that while Tyler Hoechlin is the favorite at this point, other bigger known actors might test for the part as well.

Tyler Hoechlin

Cosmic Book News is also being told that movie will have multiple villains and two of them might be Joker and Lex Luthor. Here's what the source said regarding the plot for the Batman/Superman film:

The sequel is set a year after Man of Steel, and the world is still getting used to having this powerful god on the planet who isn't fully trusted by everybody. Batman certainly doesn't trust Superman. Superman doesn't trust Batman; either of which causes the two to clash when they initially meet. They do however pair up to defeat the villains (not 100% confirmed who the villains are). COULD be Luthor and Joker, but only a select few really know that. Luthor is definitely in the sequel and he doesn't like Superman, believing him a threat to the planet.

I consider both the Tyler Hoechlin rumor and the possible plot details as "too soon to be taken seriously" but I do think there's at least seeds of truth to both. Hoechlin certainly looks the part and it's been rumored before that Lex Luthor would appear in the sequel for MAN OF STEEL. Like I said though, it's very early in the game for SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN and a million things could change between now and when filming actually starts.

You should be able to see Batman and Superman team-up on the big screen sometime in 2015.

Extra Tidbit: If Joker is going to appear in the film who would you want to play him? If Tom Hiddleston wasn't already playing Loki for Marvel...



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