Uglydolls getting their own animated film from Illumination

They look like something out of a rejected Nickelodeon TV show, but Uglydolls have become something of a pop culture craze in the toy community, with many adults appreciating their ugly little faces.

Therefore, it stands to reason that anything remotely popular should get its own movie, and that's exactly what's happening. Illumination Entertainment has picked up the film rights for the little buggers, and they're getting their own animated feature written by MEET THE FOCKERS writer Larry Stuckey.

From the looks of them, it would seem like it could be cool to do this in stop-motion animation, and get someone like Henry Selick to helm it. But I'm willing to bet Illumination, the studio behind DESPICABLE ME and HOP will just do the whole thing in CGI.

Apparently in talking with the creators, David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, the studio learned that there's an actual mythology behind the characters, though I can't seem to find what exact that is after attempting to find out their alleged backstory on the internet.

They are kind of cute I guess.

Extra Tidbit: It's really crazy to think you can just be one somewhat unique idea away from being a successful cult phenomenon. Cute, but ugly dolls, who knew?
Source: Deadline



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