Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel will be Playing the Field with Gerard Butler

Alright, I'm going to pretend not to be turned off by the double entendre title and just give you the facts about PLAYING THE FIELD, a new sports comedy which has now rounded out a cast.

Gerard Butler stars as a former pro footballer (soccer player to you Yanks) who gives up his wild partying life to coach his son's soccer team. Naturally, as he's Gerard Butler, he catches the eye of all the soccer moms, one of them in particular played by Uma Thurman. Jessica Biel will be his ex-wife, about to marry a new man.

The two actresses can't seem to catch a break recently. Outside of her badass Quentin Tarantino escapades, Thurman has remarkably terrible choice in roles, in the last few years starring in MY SUPER EX-GIRFRIEND, MOTHERHOOD and PERCY JACKSON. Meanwhile Biel seems to be rumored for every big role for Catwoman to Wonder Woman, but she's never actually picked, and has been caught pulling the Jessica Alba "I'm too hot to be taken seriously" card a few times.

So might as well put the two together and see if they can turn things around, but pardon my skepticism if this doesn't sound a bit lame. And I've got to say, if this ends up being a choice for Butler between 42 year old Thurman and 29 year old Biel, I think it's got to be a pretty short film. Here's why:

Extra Tidbit: Sorry all those hoping for a shirtless picture of Gerard instead. Oh fine, here you go.
Source: Variety



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