Underworld 3 a go

I wasn't the biggest fan of the UNDERWORLD movies (aside from seeing Kate Beckinsale in leather and cavorted with half-naked women) but I understand there's a pretty decent sized following. They've made some decent cash for the studio so it's a no-brainer that UNDERWORLD 3 was coming. And it is. Patrick Tatopoulos has signed on to direct UNDERWORLD 3: THE RISE OF THE LYCANS (terrible title, BTW) for Screen Gems with Bill Nighy, Michael Sheen and Rhona Mitra set to star. Tatopoulos, if you'll remember, was the FX wizard who created the creature effects for both of the films (among many, many others). UNDERWORLD 3 will be a prequel that will trace with war between the lycans and the vampires. Nighy and Sheen will reprise their roles from previous UNDERWORLD films while Mitra will play the pseudo-Beckinsale role; a vampire who falls in love with Sheen's Lucian. Speaking of Beckinsale, she has said she's done with the franchise for the most part but could perhaps make a cameo (hubby Len Wiseman is producing the sequel). Filming on UNDERWORLD 3: TROTL is expected to begin next January in New Zealand.

Extra Tidbit: Sheen has a daughter with Kate Beckinsale. So Wiseman directed his wife and her ex-husband in the two previous films...
Source: Variety



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