Universal aims to make two animated movies a year and to release Bourne Legacy and Ted sequels

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I'm going to start this off with what is easily the most discouraging part of what NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke said at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2012 Media, Communications & Entertainment conference in LA, because I'm just that kind of guy.  What kind of guy that is I'm none too sure, but: "Universal Pictures will focus more on film franchises and an increase in animated movie output over time to strengthen its film business."

It technically makes business sense in its own way, insofar as assured profit goes, but I'm more wondering just how deep the "franchise option pool" goes exactly.  Will Universal still be working to resuscitate its Classic Monster line? Will a lot of different projects be given the sequel treatment in the hopes of turning them into franchises, or are we going to be hearing about FASTEN* within a few years? 

Meanwhile, on a more specific note, here are the bits and bobs from his speech dealing with animation and specific sequels already in the works: 1) "what a film unit needs to ensure more stable financials are 'franchises and animation,'" 2) "the goal is to 'eventually' release two animated feature a year... lauding the success of DESPICABLE ME," 3) "people can expect the studio to work on further Bourne movies after the recent BOURNE LEGACY," and 4) Burke/Universal want to do TED 2 "as soon as we can."

What other movies in Universal's back pocket do you think deserve a followup, considering the original concept piece SAFE HOUSE ("original" being debatable here) just had a prequel/sequel commission?

If only there was a way for Universal to make more SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD... sigh...

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Looking at her makes my heart melt.  Every time.  All over my pants.

Extra Tidbit: *I just realized that that reads less like "Fast Ten" and more like "fasten," as in "fasten your seatbelt. Which, admittedly, still kind of works.



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