Universal is prepping a Bourne Legacy sequel starring Jeremy Renner

Without Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon is refusing to return to the BOURNE franchise, but that is not stopping Universal from preparing a fifth chapter in the series and a direct sequel to THE BOURNE LEGACY starring Jeremy Renner.

Deadline reports that the film is still in the very early stages of development but the studio wants Renner to reprise his role as Aaron Cross from the 2012 Tony Gilroy film. Anthony Peckham has been hired to write the script and no word on whether Gilroy will return to direct. Peckham is best known for scripting INVICTUS with BOURNE alum Matt Damon, THE BOOK OF ELI, and Guy Ritchie's original SHERLOCK HOLMES.

I thought that THE BOURNE LEGACY was okay and the sequel would have benefited from Damon facing off against Cross. Without Damon, the movie will likely do about as well as the last film, which grossed $275 million worldwide. I would rather leave this franchise be, but if they must make another at least keep it consistent with the last one.

Source: Deadline



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