Universal launching a "physics defying" Fast & Furious live-arena tour

Fast & Furious Live

Are you ready to experience the "adrenaline-fueled thrills" and the "physics-defying stunts" of the FAST & FURIOUS franchise in front of your very eyes? Well, you're in luck, because Universal Pictures have announced that the series is preparing to hit the road for a global arena tour which will use the "most advanced technology" to bring all of the franchise's most outrageous moments to life.

Set to debut in January 2018, Fast & Furious Live will re-create the "underground streets of Los Angeles to locations that crisscross the globe, Fast & Furious Live allows fans to relive the most extreme action as precision performance drivers—surrounded by blockbuster set design, authentic digital projections and state-of-the-art physical obstacles—execute pulse-pounding stunts." The live-arena tour is aiming to be the most spectacular live automotive production in history, and, given the craziness which they have to draw from, they may very well succeed.

Vince Klaseus, President of Universal Brand Development, had this to say:

Fast & Furious Live will transform the live-entertainment industry in the same way the global box-office franchise has redefined the action genre. Fans will experience everything they love about the films in an up-close and incredibly cool live show, putting them in the center of the action.

David O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Global Franchise Management and Brand Marketing for Universal, added:

In addition to its arrival as a global live-arena tour, the launch of Fast & Furious Live represents Universal’s significant expansion of our franchises into entertainment channels that are as unexpected as they are innovative. By bringing our series to audiences in entirely new formats, we are not simply growing brand portfolios, we are delivering incredibly exciting ways for fans to participate in the worlds our characters inhabit.

Which countries and cities will play host to the tour haven't yet been revealed, but you can expect that information to come out over the next few months. The next installment of the FAST & FURIOUS film franchise, THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, is set to hit theaters on April 14, 2017.



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