Universal may have dropped Clue but Gore Verbinski is still on it

Universal Pictures has decided to drop the new version of CLUE. But don't get upset just yet. Hasbro is still dedicated to getting the film made and Gore Verbinski will still produce as well as direct.

Back in 2008, Hasbro games signed a six-year exclusive deal with the studio. The plan originally started with seven games slated to go to the big-screen. As of now, three have been axed: CLUE, MONOPOLY, and MAGIC: THE GATHERING. Why drop so many? The studio decided to keep the four game adaptations that "made the most sense" for them: BATTLESHIP, CANDY LAND, STRETCH ARMSTRONG, and OUIJA.

FLASH GORDON scribes Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama were recently hired to write the script for CLUE. So progress on the film is still being made without Universal. The script will come from, "a take that Verbinski and his fellow producers came up with that retains the murder mystery spirit of the board game, but broadens the setting to a global stage."

Just because Universal dropped all three games that doesn't mean that Hasbro isn't still trying to get them made. They are focused on getting MONOPOLY and MAGIC: THE GATHERING off the ground too.

Source: Deadline



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