Universal Orlando brings King Kong to life with new Skull Island attraction

While we have a couple of years before we can see the likes of Tom Hiddleston and King Kong up on the big screen with KONG: SKULL ISLAND, Universal Studios has plans at their Orlando parks to bring that experience to guests one year sooner. Coming in the summer of 2016 will be Skull Island: The Reign of Kong. The attraction will find guests navigating through the jungles and ancient temples of Skull Island. Hostile natives and giant insects are the least of you worries as you come across dinosaurs and the dreaded King Kong on your journey. You can check out the announcement video below!

Residents of Florida may have noticed the building of a massive ride in the Jurassic Park area, and while it's no secret that King Kong was on the agenda, the video itself looks an awful lot like the Peter Jackson iteration that hit in 2005. Legendary Pictures has made it clear that their upcoming film will be its own beast, so perhaps the ride will not tie into the Hiddleston film, aside from name alone. Either way, it's a welcome attraction for theme park fans and should prove to scratch that Kong itch until 2017.

Skull Island: The Reign of Kong should be open to guests in the summer of 2016, while KONG: SKULL ISLAND is currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 10, 2017.



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