Universal seeks their own Paranormal Activity during a Grim Night

Universal has emerged as the winners of a bidding war for GRIM NIGHT, a spec written by Brandon Bestenheider and Allen Bey.

Bryan Bertino (THE STRANGERS) and Adrienne Biddle are attached to produce with their company Unbroken Pictures, as well as Marc Platt from Universal. After PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 broke box office records last weekend with its $52.5 million opening these guys knew they needed this spec. To make sure it got sold the writers released a teaser trailer that makes it look like it will be yet another found footage flick.

The synopsis- one night every year, strange creatures attack Earth and kill thousands, targeting different place with no one knowing why. The story centers on a family in small town America that gets attacked and has to defend themselves.

One can only hope that Universal realizes that PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 had absolutely NO horror competition this year, since it seems that a lot of folks are angling on putting out their own flicks out next year. Interesting concept on this one though, we'll see what they can do with it.

Check the teaser trailer below.

Source: Universal



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