Universal sets their sights on Madonna biopic Blonde Ambition

Madonna Blonde Ambition

It always strikes me as a little strange when studios begin developing biopics for people who are still alive, but there have been plenty of great biopics released when their subjects were still with us, so what the heck do I know? Universal seems to have set their sights on putting together a biopic featuring Madonna as THR has reported that the studio has picked up a script by Elyse Hollander which follows the singer during the early days of her career.

Titled BLONDE AMBITION, Hollander's script topped the 2016 Black List and will be produced by Michael De Luca and Brett Ratner. The story is set in the early 1980's when Madonna Louise Ciccone was "work[ing] on her first album, struggling in a business that treats women badly, while also dealing with a burgeoning love life and the first hints of fame." After moving to New York from Michigan in the late 1970's to pursue a career in dance, Madonna soon switched to singing and writing songs and later found some success with several dance singles. Her debut album, Madonna, was released in 1983 and "yielded hits [like] "Holiday," "Borderline" and "Lucky Star" and set the stage for her ground-breaking Like a Virgin album." I suppose the question now is who has what it takes to play a young Madonna?

I'll admit to being almost completely ignorant of Madonna, both of her music and her life, so I can't say whether BLONDE AMBITION contains enough fodder for a compelling biopic. Set me straight in the comments section or let us know which music-centric biopic is your favourite.

Source: THR



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