Universal threatening to make a sequel to Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey


So despite the fact that EVAN ALMIGHTY happened, which I think actually killed some folks with its AIDS-like awfulness, Variety is reporting today that Universal wants to go ahead and make a proper sequel to 2003's BRUCE ALMIGHTY, and they want it as a starring vehicle for Jim Carrey (again).

Variety says that Universal is in talks with HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and YES MAN writers Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel to write the follow-up film. BRUCE ALMIGHTY starred Carrey as a "TV reporter given the chance to be God for a week after complaining to God about a rival co-worker, portrayed by Steve Carell, being promoted to the anchor slot." BRUCE and EVAN were both directed by Tom Shadyac, though he likely won't be returning on account of becoming a vagrant or something.

So again, why? BRUCE ALMIGHTY somehow pulled in nearly $500 million worldwide which ultimately led to EVAN ALMIGHTY. That film, however, only brought in about $175 million globally. Apparently, someone at Universal is high enough on coke to think there's enough of an audience for these films to turn a new profit, not to mention enough goodwill left for the once funny Jim Carrey.
Source: Variety



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