Universal's Despicable Me "minions" are getting their own movie

Looks like the most interesting characters of the DESPICABLE ME films are getting their own spin-off. According to The Wrap, the yellow-colored, goggle wearing creatures known only as "minions" will be getting their own feature to be released a year after DESPICABLE ME 2, which hits theaters in 2013.

So, sometime in 2014, these little talking tic-tacs will be parading around theaters. The script for the film was written by Brian Lynch (THE SIMS movie adaptation) and the spin-off is to be directed by DESPICABLE ME alumni Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda. No word on how much the film will tie into the sequel, but I'm sure they have some type of agenda in that department.

DESPICABLE ME wasn't terrible, but it wasn't really great, either. I think the minions were the best thing about the film, but even there they mostly served as a comedic backdrop. Still, all that said, I'd be happy to suffer through a minions movie over something like CHIPMUNKS or SMURFS. It could be a lot worse.

DESPICABLE ME 2, starring Steve Carrell, Al Pacino, Kristin Wiig, Russell Brand, and Steve Coogan, hits theaters July 3, 2012 with the as-yet-untitled minions movie to arrive a year later.

Extra Tidbit: For those without youngsters, would you pay to see a minions movie over a Despicable Me movie?
Source: The Wrap



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