Untraceable trailer

A trailer for a new movie called UNTRACEABLE popped up online and I’d love to show it to everyone, but like the title says, it’s untraceable so the chances of you finding it are microscopic. Maybe if you were Jennifer Marsh you’d be able to find it. Marsh is the FBI agent played by Diane Lane who is trying to catch a serial killer that's set up a website where you can view streaming videos of someone rigged to a death trap, which comes closer and closer to offing its victim the more people log on to the site. It’s kind of like SAW meets FEARDOTCOM, but with a bigger budget ($57 mil). There will certainly be a lot of typing and clicking in this picture, which is what ruined the fourth DIE HARD for me, but maybe watching people getting murdered online can redeem that fact. Anyway, like I said, since this trailer is essentially untraceable (nice marketing tactic, guys!) you might as well just click HERE to watch a video of Joseph Stalin having sex with a porcelain Britney Spears doll. It's graphic.
Extra Tidbit: UNTRACEABLE will be released on January 25th, but in the meantime you can head to www.killwithme.com if you'd like to contribute to the death of an innocent person.
Source: Apple trailers



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