Unused Captain America design & T'Chaka get the stellar Hots Toys treatment

Although collectible figures aren't exactly my thing, I can totally appreciate the artistry which goes into the crafting of these amazing pieces, and even I, with all my ignorance of high-end figures, know that Hot Toys frequently puts out some of the best in the business. The company has unveiled two of their latest pieces, and even if you're not a collector, you're going to want to check them out. First up, we've got T’Chaka (John Kani), the former leader of the Kingdom of Wakanda, followed by Captain America (Chris Evans) himself, but ol' Steve Rogers comes with a bit of a twist.

T’Chaka, the former leader of the Kingdom of Wakanda has gained great respect by serving the technological advanced nation and protecting his people. When his son came to the Ancestral Plane to seek for guidance, T’Chaka replied with his sage wisdom and exclaimed his pride in his son. Sideshow and Hot Toys are excited to present T’Challa’s departed father, T’Chaka in Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from Black Panther.

The movie accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of young T’Chaka in his Black Panther suit from the movie featuring a newly developed helmeted head with highly detailed textures and gold trims. This figure specially features a muscular body, a meticulously tailored black and gold colored battle suit with extreme fine details and textures, a beautifully designed Wakandan pattern sash decorated with a waistlet, a fine Kimoyo Beads bracelet and a Black Panther themed figure stand!

If you check out the Captain America figure, you'll notice that his costume doesn't quite match up with the one we saw in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. It turns out that Hoy Toys took inspiration from concept art by Ryan Meinerding, Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development, while creating this piece.

Hot Toys has specially recreated one of Ryan’s incredible variant covers for Captain America cinematic visual design work from Captain America: Civil War, to a highly-accurate collectible figure. With a captivating monochromatic suit that brings out the hidden details, textures, and shapes, the latest Captain America (Concept Art Version) Sixth Scale Collectible Figure is a tribute to the amazing artist Ryan Meinerding.

The sixth scale Captain America Collectible Figure is crafted based on the appearance of Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers in the concept art of Captain America: Civil War with meticulous craftsmanship. It features a newly painted helmeted head sculpt with two interchangeable lower face parts capturing Chris Evan’s facial expressions, a newly developed body which naturally portrays Captain America’s muscularly toned body, a brand new Captain America battle suit in black with scale pattern and silver Avengers’ logo on the chest, Cap’s iconic circular shield, a black and white heater shield, and a specially designed Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years themed figure stand!

Both T'Chaka and Captain America are expected to be released October-December 2018, but you can pre-order Captain America for $251 and T'Chaka for $220.

Source: Sideshow



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