Up in the Air poster

Even though JUNO had its share and then some of detractors, the movie still was the talk of the town for a while, and director Jason Reitman's previous title, the brilliant dark comedy THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, made for a new talent to be on the lookout for. Add George Clooney to the mix and you get an upcoming movie that will probably be anything but boring and lame.

The folks from Slashfilm have scored a first look at the poster for Reitman's next, UP IN THE AIR, where Clooney plays a corporate sleazebag constantly on the go who sees his traveling lifestyle threatened by impending promotion just as he fell for an equally mobile lady and is about to reach his 10 millionth frequent flyer mile. Jason Bateman, Vera Farmiga and the very funny Danny McBride round up the cast.

The film, currently without a wide release plan, hits the Toronto International Film Festival next month. In the meantime, follow that pic to get the bigger version.

Extra Tidbit: I just realized Jason Reitman was born in Montreal. I KNEW there was a reason he's so cool. JoBlo himself will surely agree with me!
Source: Slashfilm



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