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Get ready to chuck those standard edition USUAL SUSPECTS DVDs out the window. MGM is planning on releasing a special edition DVD of the film this April that will put that other disc to shame. DVD Shrine got all the details and let me just tell you, it sounds pretty sweet.  Click on the artwork below to find out all the juicy details and what exactly will be included.

In other DVD news, the Snoop Dogg horror flick BONES hits video stores on February 26th and we've got a look at the features as well as some of the DVD menus.  Here's the scoop on the disc itself along with the menus -

The Bones Platinum Series™ DVD features the widescreen version of the film, Dolby Digital EX 5.1 Surround Sound, DTS ES 6.1 Surround Sound, Stereo Surround Sound, a feature-length commentary with Director Ernest Dickerson, Snoop Dogg and Screenwriter Adam Simon, English subtitles and closed captions. The DVD also includes deleted scenes, two documentaries "Digging Up Bones," and "Urban Gothic: Bones and its Influences," the theatrical trailer, animated menus and two versions of the music video, "A Dogg Named Snoop" performed by Snoop Dogg. The DVD-ROM content includes the "Script-to-Screen" screenplay feature as well as a link to the original website.

Pre-order the BONES DVD here

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Source: DVD Shrine
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