Update - Brad Pitt's next

If you've been watching the NBA Finals lately (And God knows you should be. It's been some of the best/most exciting ball played in years. GO NETS!!!), you may have seen a scruffy looking dude on the sidelines. Without the caption or someone pointing it out, you might have missed the fact that it was Brad Pitt looking homeless-chic in an overgrown beard and long hair. Reports were that Pitt is gearing up to begin filming this fall on THE LAST MAN, his next film with director Darren Aronofsky (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM). Well a new report that ran on AICN says Jennifer Aniston may have to deal with Pitt's unkempt look a bit longer.

Their scooper claims that Warner Bros is far from confident in the film and is actually looking to ditch the film. WB execs are reportedly in meetings with other studios interested in taking the multi-million dollar sci-fi epic off their hands. Through the report, we've also gotten the first look at the plot of the film. First off, the title seems to have been changed from THE LAST MAN to THE FOUNTAIN. The film reportedly plays like "a science fiction film and a history film about South American and a story about God all at once." Huh? Maybe Warners feels more comfortable with movies like THE WONDER TWINS. No word on how this could affect Aronofsky's deal to direct BATMAN: YEAR ONE with Warners...

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