UPDATE: Darren Aronofsky can't kick his drug habit

UPDATE - Contrary to the LA Times report, reps for Darren Aronofsky have confirmed to JoBlo.com that the director and his production company Protozoa have nothing to do with Brad Furman's INTRICATE. So proceed with your day accordingly...

It used to be that Darren Aronofsky himself would struggle to find financing for some of his dark, indie drams. But fresh off the success of BLACK SWAN, he's found himself in the ability to not only greenlight big-budget superhero films like THE WOLVERINE, but also to shepherd some more difficult fare. Case in point? Aronofsky will produce INTRICATE, the story of a young athlete who gets caught up in the 1990s NYC drug trade that Brad Furman (THE LINCOLN LAWYER) will direct.

The film would reunite Aronofsky with Scott Franklin, the producer who was able to get financing together for BLACK SWAN. Furman is currently developing the project with Aronofsky and Franklin, who will produce through Protozoa Pictures.

Furman has been getting a lot of recognition of late for turning a rather skeptical premise - a Matthew McConaughey legal drama - into a surprisingly effective thriller. It's unclear at this point who is actually writing INTRICATE. Production on THE WOLVERINE is expected to begin this summer.

Source: LA Times



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