UPDATE! First image of the Cosmic Cube in Captain America: The First Avenger makes its appearance

UPDATE: A couple of images leaked online today over at Brazilian website Mundo HYPE of what looks to be concept art for The Red Skull himself (they're certainly of a similar style to those of the official Captain America concepts released last year). You can check those out below.

The inclusion of the Cosmic Cube in this summer's CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER is not really new news; it was mentioned back in July while the JoBlo crew attended the Marvel Studios panel at Comic Con. But if you wanna remain as spoiler free as possible, I suggest you click away.

Now, someone on the Superhero Hype! message boards scanned a two-page CAPTAIN AMERICA spread from the latest issue of SFX Magazine in the UK. One of those pages features a shot of Hugo Weaving - pre-Red Skull - holding the Cosmic Cube. You can check out that image below (click it for BIG). Here's our very own Mike Sampson describing the scene which he saw at the Con:

"We got an introduction to Red Skull in the clip. It's pre-mask but he breaks into a catacomb looks for the Cosmic Cube. It's being protected by an older man but the Nazis are too much for him. Shmidt knows its there and he opens a tomb and sees the cube inside. He picks it up and immediately throws it to the floor. He knows it was a fake. Then he walks around trying to find it and doing a little soliloquy and discovers a secret chamber. He opens the chest that contains the cube and it glows in his face. He slams the lid down and the clip ends."

And finally, if you have no idea what the heck the Cosmic Cube is, here's a bunch of info on it, via Marvel Comics Database:

The Cosmic Cubes are items that control matter and energy, answering to the will of the sentient beings that use them. They require practice to be used properly, but a skillful user can alter all reality to answer to its thought, granting anything they desire.

Most Cosmic Cubes are cube-shaped matrices. However, similar objects with different shapes are known as Cosmic Containment Units.

Sentient beings wanting to create a Cosmic Cube must generate a force field to open a rift to another dimension inhabited by the Beyonders, allowing the extra-dimensional energy to filter through the rift. When entering the Earth's dimension, the energies can be held in a matrix, and the force itself would shape the matrix into a perfect cube. It would also provide the Cube with its almost-unlimited power.

A Cube would eventually develop its own intelligence, commonly influenced by the beings who had manipulated it. Mephisto has postulated that the Cubes are hosts to a semi-sentient will and that, even in Cube form, they can choose how they want to be used, and deny certain wishes. Mephisto also has proposed that a billion-sentient universally-linked will could overcame this problem, and that the Cubes could be as powerful as the Infinity Gems.

Extra Tidbit: I just spent the last thirty minutes clicking from Cosmic Cubes to Infinity Gems to the Illuminati. F*cking Wikis, man!
Source: Superhero Hype!



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