UPDATE: Javier Bardem, NOT Christian Bale, is the frontrunner for the role of Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower

UPDATE: Well, Deadline is saying that Bardem has been officially offered the role. That was quick. This immediately following the Bale news that everyone on the internet has been scrambling to post. Now everyone will be scrambling to report this new piece of information. Thoughts on Bardem as Deschain?

After winning his Golden Globe for THE FIGHTER, Christian Bale has now surpassed Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen for the role of Roland Deschain in THE DARK TOWER.

So, it took his win for THE FIGHTER to make Ron Howard and Stephen King realize that Bale might be a good choice, or in fact the best choice? The man is a great actor and also knows the theme for THE POWERPUFF GIRLS. Of course he's a shoe-in.

Bale, Bardem and Mortensen are all great actors though. Bardem doesn't really fit to me. I just see Roland as either Bale or Mortensen.

The New York Post, who originally reported this news also mention that Jennifer Carpenter (DEXTER) and Ghita Tazi are on the shortlist for the role of Susannah Dean. Um...this casting is way off. Is it hard to find an African-American actress to play Susannah? What happened to casting Naomie Harris (28 DAYS LATER)? Stephen King said it always thought of Angela Bassett for the role. Maybe the NY Post heard wrong?

Extra Tidbit: Christian Bale approves.
Source: NY Post



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