UPDATE: Now Clive Owen is up for the villain role in Oldboy? And Mia Wasikowska?

UPDATE: Mia Wasikowska has been offered the lead female role of Marie. This would be the Mi-do character from the original. She would spend most the film starring opposite Josh Brolin.

With Colin Firth out for the OLDBOY remake, Spike Lee needs someone to play the villain.

Who ya gunna call?

Clive Owen.

Now Owen has been offered the role of the man who captures Josh Brolin and imprisons him for fifteen years. I can't tell you why he does. I'm sure most of you know why but I don't want to get screamed at for giving it away. I will tell you that it's all really f*cked up. Again, if you haven't seen the original directed by Park Chan-wook, please do so over the holidays. Who cares about WHITE CHRISTMAS when you can watch OLDBOY?

While I did not mind the idea of Firth, Owen would be really great. Plus, I think that Owen might accept the role since he previously worked with Lee on THE INSIDE MAN.

Who is the better choice in your opinion: Owen or Firth?

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