UPDATE! Taylor Kitsch, Salma Hayek, and now Benicio del Toro may be Savages for Oliver Stone

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting today that Latin badass Benicio del Toro is also now in talks to join Oliver Stone's SAVAGES as one of the film's main villains, that of a deadly drug cartel enforcer.

March 22, 2011: Oliver Stone's SAVAGES, an adaptation of the book by Don Winslow about a couple of pot growers, was originally announced around this time last year. The adapted script comes from writer Shane Salerno (SHAFT, ARMAGEDDON) and Winslow himself, with Stone doing some polishing of his own. Then just a few days ago, it was reported that Aaron Johnson (KICK-ASS) was being offered one of the film's two lead roles.

Now according to Deadline, the other lead may possibly be going to JOHN CARTER OF MARS himself, Taylor Kitsch. Deadline says that Kitsch is currently in talks to play the other of "two Laguna-based pot growers arm-twisted into working for a Mexican cartel when they kidnap O, the free spirited best friend of the growers."

And who better to lead a nefarious cartel then buxom Mexican beauty Salma Hayek? Stone is apparently eyeing Hayek to play "the cartel matriarch, an iron-fisted beauty who becomes intrigued and practically maternal over the kidnapped gal."

The kidnapped gal, O, was originally going be played by the very lovely Jennifer Lawrence (WINTER'S BONE) before dropping out because of her new commitment with THE HUNGER GAMES. But fret not, as apparently Stone has been looking at replacement candidates such as Olivia Wilde to take over that part.

SAVAGES is currently looking for a distribution deal at three studios, with Universal the likely candidate to get it.

Extra Tidbit: Yeah... I wouldn't be reading my article right now either.
Source: Deadline



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