Updates on Robert Zemeckis projects Major Matt Mason and Roger Rabbit sequel

Robert Zemeckis is responsible for directing two great movies that came out when some of the schmoes like myself were growing up-- BACK TO THE FUTURE and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. While there will be no more BTTF films, there is still talk of another ROGER RABBIT.

From some Zemeckis updates (via The Film Stage), we have this quote from the director during the premiere of the upcoming, FLIGHT starring Denzel Washington. Zemeckis had this to say on the possible sequel, "I have a script at Disney, and we’re just waiting for all the executive changes to settle down there." That's it. Does that mean it will eventually get made? No. As far as anyone knows, the film is just a pipe dream of Zemeckis'.

What about the fate of MAJOR MATT MASON which would re-team Zemeckis and Tom Hanks? The pair are apparently getting independent financing for the project. The film will be shopped to possible buyers during a run to the American Film Market. MAJOR MATT MASON is based on an astronaut toy from 1966. Hanks wrote the script with Graham Yost (SPEED).

I'll take any Zemeckis/Hanks project. As for ROGER RABBIT, I'm not holding my breath.

Source: The WrapShowbiz411



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