Usual Suspects writer Chris McQuarrie helps Angelina Jolie feel Unforgiven

Angelina Jolie is one alarmingly busy woman. She's raising a few dozen kids, she's making her directing debut, and she's ceaselessly pursued for just about ever female role Hollywood can think of. No wonder she's so lean.

Now she's wanted for a remake of UNFORGIVEN -- wait, wait, holster that six-shooter, pardner. It's not an update of Clint Eastwood's perfect Western, but instead an Americanization of a UK television miniseries.

Per Deadline: "UNFORGIVEN is about a woman’s attempt to rejoin society after she serves a 15-year prison stretch for the murder of two policemen. The tragedy happened after the policemen came to evict her family from their farmhouse. Her hope is to live quietly and reunite with her troubled younger sister, but the paroled woman is targeted for a revenge campaign by two sons of one of her victims."

Apparently Jolie doesn't commit to projects without approving of a script (which is probably wise, yet doesn't really explain her participation in WANTED), so Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie (THE USUAL SUSPECTS, VALKYRIE) is on the mission to tailor a screenplay for the actress.

McQuarrie also worked on the script for the upcoming thriller THE TOURIST, which stars Jolie and Johnny Depp, and recently pecked at WOLVERINE 2.

Extra Tidbit: On the set of his directing debut WAY OF THE GUN, McQuarrie and crew supposedly began referring to actor James Caan only as "The Dream".



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