Vacation reboot moving ahead with Horrible Bosses writers

Back in 2010, we brought you the news that the classic Chevy Chase comedy VACATION was getting a reboot at Warner Bros. Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (HORRIBLE BOSSES) were writing the script and now, with the heat off the success of BOSSES, the VACATION remake is moving onto the fast track.

The studio likes the draft submitted by Goldstein and Daley and are looking to get filming going later this year. They've sent the project out to a number of directors, including Pete Segal who they worked with on the GET SMART redo.

As it stands, Chase is expected to reprise his role as Clark Griswold but not as the star of the movie. Instead, the film focuses on Rusty Griswold who is now grown up and having his own set of problems as he attempts to get his family across country to meet with his parents.

A VACATION remake seems like a really bad idea because, as even the writers point out, the success of the first film was due in large part to Chase himself. What actor could embody that personality with the same level of humor (also while acting alongside the elder Griswold)?

Source: LA Times



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