Vacation's family car has more gadgets than James Bond plus red-band trailer


Following in his father's footsteps and hoping for some much-needed family bonding, a grown-up Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) surprises his wife (Christina Applegate) and their two sons with a cross-country trip back to America's "favorite family fun park," Walley World. No family trip would be complete without the family car and for this VACATION, Rusty will be sporting the 2015 Tartan Prancer. Not familiar with the model? Allow the following promotional video to bring you up to speed. I can tell you this much: James Bond WISHES he had a vehicle this decked out.

I would be the first to tell you that most of the clips and trailers I've seen for VACATION have dissuaded me from checking it out in a theaters (and over MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE? Griswold, please!), but I'll be damned if the red-band material doesn't elicit a couple of hearty laughs. Hearty, I tell you! Say what you will about the story and set-pieces, but the two sons are hilarious together. And I'm sure we're all familiar with Chris Hemsworth's extended...ahem, scene. Maybe VACATION isn't the shitstorm we're all expecting. Maybe. In any case, you can check out the second NSFW trailer below.

VACATION opens in theaters on July 29, 2015.

Source: Warner Bros.



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