Van Damme, Arkin, Crystal dogpile on top of Muppets movie

What the hell happened with this project? We heard Jason Segel was making a Muppet movie right after FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL came out, but all of a sudden it seems to have exploded, attracting every celebrity on earth to do a guest appearance as either a human or a Muppet.

Well add three more names to the list, THR is reporting that Jean Claude Van Damme, Alan Arkin and Billy Crystal will be adding themselves to the roster. Arkin is said to be a tour guide, but no roles are specified for Van Damme and Crystal.

So what's the grand total of announced celebrities at this point? In addition to these three and Segel we've got Jack Black, John Krasinski, Ed Helms, Eric Stonestreet , Donald Glover, Lady Gaga, Amy Adams, Zach Galifianakis, Danny Trejo, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones and Paul Rudd. Jane Lynch recently left the cast, but with all those names, will you really miss her?

It's cool to see all these people come together, but they have to watch this doesn't turn into a telethon with audiences merely playing "spot the celebrity' every two minutes rather than actually watching the film.

Extra Tidbit: Where's Mel Gibson? He has a whole movie coming out about his love for puppets (THE BEAVER).
Source: THR



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