Venom spin-off?

The people at Marvel will not have one of their properties mishandled. Just a few years after the original and misguided HULK film came out, Marvel is already hard at work on a new one, just to get the bad taste out of their mouth (and make a lot money). Now it looks like the same is happening with another grossly mishandled character, Venom. That's right, everyone. Iesb.net is reporting that Marvel is going ahead with a stand alone film that will do the sabre-toothed symbiote hog some justice.

It's common knowledge amongst comic book fans and human beings alike that Venom in SPIDER-MAN 3 sucked balls. Not literally, because he'd devour any scrotum he touched, even if he didn't want to, but the character was under-developed and under-used. All in all a bad go at it, we all know that. Now the studio is looking to do it up right, and have apparently met with some 'A-list writers' to discuss the possibility of a spin-off. I don't want to start speculating on storylines and such, I'll leave that to the hardcore fans out there, but let me tell you that production on this will not be affected by the WGA strike, since Marvel was smart enough to strike an interim deal with the writers, meaning their scripts can be written. So what do you guys thing? Good idea? Preposterous? Am I fat?

Extra Tidbit: Remember when that image first came out? Sigh, such promise.
Source: Iesb.net



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