Venom's director?

Just a couple of weeks ago, ZOMBIELAND writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick said they just turned in a draft of the VENOM spinoff, but they weren't sure what the studio was going to do with it.

Apparently the studio is going to have someone else rewrite it.

According to Variety, filmmaker Gary Ross (PLEASANTVILLE, SEABISCUIT) is taking a crack at the scipt -- and potentially directing -- Sony's solo adventure of Marvel's evil(ish) black alien symbiote.

Ross (a frequent Tobey Maguire collaborator) is currently at work rewriting SPIDER-MAN 4... so will he and the studio use it as an opportunity to tie the films together? Seems likely now.

Topher Grace reportedly won't be returning, so either the symbiote will be clinging to a new actor playing Eddie Brock, or the movie will feature an entirely different Venom character. Common theory is that the villain-turned-hero will be battling fan-favorite baddie Carnage.

Extra Tidbit: Venom vs. Carnage? Great, a second-rate Spidey knockoff against a third-rate Spidey knockoff. Maybe they can team up and fight She-Venom, Anti-Venom, Scream, Toxin, and Venom 2099.
Source: Variety



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