Vera is an Orphan

I first noticed Vera Farmiga in the underrated pic RUNNING SCARED, and then when she appeared in THE DEPARTED, caught in the best looking love triangle since me Dan and Lisa, a lot more people surely noticed (appearing in a her underwear didn’t hurt either). But I’m a little troubled by the latest news surrounding this talented actress. Variety is reporting that she’s signed alongside Peter Sarsgaard to star in a horror/thriller called ORPHAN, as one half of a married couple who lose a child and then adopt a 9-year-old girl who’s probably going to end up being a spoiled psychotic bitch.

What troubles me about this is that Vera recently starred in an almost identical sounding picture called JOSHUA, instead with Liev Schreiber as her husband, and a young boy instead of a girl. Apparently, that movie was pretty good, so this script better great, because what a crappy genre to get yourself pigeonholed in. What’s next for you Vera, a romantic comedy opposite Matthew McConaughey? Shooting starts next week in my two cities, Toronto and Montreal Jaume Collet-Serra (HOUSE OF WAX) set to direct.

Extra Tidbit: In case you haven't seen the departed, that's our girl Vera getting crunky with Leo DiCaps.
Source: Variety



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