Victor Garber's Martin Stein to exit Legends of Tomorrow as series regular

Early Wednesday morning, Deadline announced that DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW actor Victor Garber will be exiting the superhero series as a regular member of the cast, sometime during the show's current third season. Garber plays Professor Martin Stein aka Firestorm on the DC's time traveling comic book program and has remained a featured member of the Legends since their official debut in January of 2016.

So far, Warner Bros. TV has been reluctant to officially comment on Garber's departure, though sources close to the show are saying that yes, Victor will be moving on to pursue other endeavors. Back in early September, it was revealed that Garber, a theater veteran with one hell of a good singing voice, would return to Broadway by starring alongside Bernadette Peters in the Tony-award-winning revival of Hello Dolly! - as part of a take over for David Hyde Pierce and Bette Midler. Without question, stepping onto a Broadway production is quite the feat, with six day a week scheduling and 7-8 shows a week being just the tip of the iceberg. It stands to reason that Garber would absolutely need to leave the superhero life behind if he's to dedicate himself to the Broadway stage completely.

Deadline is also reporting that Martin Stein's exit from the show will be a carefully planned event and not the result of some unceremonious nonsense. It's also worth noting that LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is, at its core, a show about super powered time travelers. Who's to say that Garber can't return to the show later down the line as a surprise guest?

How do you feel about Professor Stein eventually leaving the show? Will you miss his pithy observations and old man humor? What will become of Team Firestorm after Stein departs? Truthfully, I haven't watched the show since I stopped reviewing it for the site, after the close of the first season. I've no idea what those characters are up to these days, and I'm genuinely interested in your opinions. Hit us up in the comments section below.

Season 3 of DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is airing right now on Tuesday nights courtesy of The CW network. 

Extra Tidbit: I just want to watch Titans.



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