Vigalondo and Kirkman to bring Ed Brisson's Comeback comic series to film

COLOSSAL director Nacho Vigalondo and THE WALKING DEAD creator Robert Kirkman are joining creative forces to bring Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh's indie comic book series Comeback to cinemas.

Originally published in 2013 as a five-issue mini-series from Image Comics, the thrilling tale of THE COMEBACK will tell of two men, Seth and Mark, who are agents of Reconnect, a company that, for a hefty fee, will rescue a loved one just before death by going back in time. It's also an illegal venture that has come under the scrutiny of the FBI. When one mission goes south and Seth meets a future version of himself, the men find themselves on the run from both the FBI and their employers, who want to protect their dark secrets.

Mmm, I can't help but get a taste of Rian Johnson's LOOPER when I read that synopsis. Truth be told though, I've read Comeback, and it's got more than enough to set it apart from the Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt sci-fi action flick. As it happens, Sony has the rights to the time-travel thriller and has set Vigalondo to write the script as  gwell as direct. Kirkman will produce via his Skybound Entertainment studio with Vigalondo's creative partner, Nahikari Ipina, also acting as a producer, with Kirkman's Skybound compatriots David Alpert, Sean Mackiewicz and Bryan Furst along for the ride as well.

Sony Pictures has yet to assign a release date for THE COMEBACK, though you can catch Vigalondo's COLOSSAL which is available now on Digital, DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming services.

Extra Tidbit: Be sure to check out Brisson's other comic series Sheltered. He's a fantastic writer, though this one of my favorite of his by far.
Source: Variety



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