Vikings lead Travis Fimmel lands a role in Duncan Jones' Warcraft

The teaser for Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT apparently did more than please the crowds at Comic Con. I've heard that everything about it down to the sound design was amazing, and this was just a concept trailer!

Here's how our own Eric Walkuski describes it:

Running approximately 2-3 minutes, it starts with a man (soldier?) standing in a desert wasteland, ready to fight. Fight who, exactly, we’re not sure, but he looks lean, mean, and ready for anything. After a few moments of waiting, something finally shows up. Something not human; a monster or orc of some kind that we only really see from behind. The two circle each other, with the camera niftily gliding behind the monster in one unbroken shot, until finally they charge at each other. Then cut to black; title card rises: WARCRAFT.

In a nice surprise, Travis Fimmel has signed on for a role in the fantasy epic. Fimmel was most recently seen in The History Channel's VIKINGS which is an amazing show, in my own opinion. No details of the role were given; only that Fimmel is one of four leads. Paula Patton and Colin Farrell are both still in talks to co-star.

What stories will there be to tell about the adventures in Azeroth? Not sure. The plot is still under wraps. Production is set to begin in 2014.

Source: Variety



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