Vin Diesel gives another update on Riddick, with concept art

You've gotta hand it to Vin Diesel -- he's become proficient at feeding the hunger of RIDDICK fans with tiny morsels about the next movie.

The latest comes, as always, from Vin's popular Facebook page, where he offers up the concept art you see above. The image comes with the title "The Final Stand of Riddick" and features the intergalactic badass in the climactic battle with what are presumably the "mud demons", a lethal indigenous species Riddick encounters on the planet that serves as the setting for most of the film.

Diesel had this to add: "Concept art and Key frames allow a production to explore possibilities before actually committing to film. The road to the "R" rating, that so many of you were vocal about, has been a long one. The advantage however, (never empower the negatives) was that we were allowed a really extensive preproduction. The art work is so good, the artists have really outdone themselves in illustrating this world at it's early stage.

When this film comes to the screen... know that you willed it into being!"

RIDDICK 3 finds our favorite space felon (post-Necromongers) on a barren alien world, where he must deal with creatures and mercenaries before heading to his homeworld of Furya for final retribution. The movie started casting last month and should be filming soon, with a possible release date some time in 2012.



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