Vin Diesel hints at two more sequels to next year's Riddick

Vin Diesel has been very open with his fans about the progress on RIDDICK, the latest in his CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK franchise. He takes to his Facebook page very regularly and posts news about the movie and behind the scenes photos.

Yesterday he posted this update: The studio said the earliest they could release the new "Riddick" is in January... was hoping for 2012... but, it's on the horizon.

P.s. I think they are liking what they are seeing... haha, cause they asked when both Underverse and Furya would be ready to make and release... haha... now that's a ways in the future but it is exciting.

It would be fair to assume that UNDERVERSE and FURYA would be the titles of the sequels. According to THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Wikipedia page:

The Underverse is a parallel universe has been described as "a dark mirror of the normal universe where death has no meaning", the Underverse is the ultimate destination for the Necromongers, who are being led there by the Lord Marshal, the only being to have actually been to the Underverse. Lord Marshal's pilgrimage to the Underverse gave him almost supernatural powers, and he returned a "holy half dead".

Furya was once a bustling planet whose inhabitants were fierce warriors, perhaps even a superior off-shoot of normal human beings due to the harsh conditions of the planet. The Lord Marshal of the Necromongers bombarded the planet and massacred the inhabitants in order to prevent the fulfillment of a prophecy that a Furyan would cause his downfall. This massacre takes place 30 years before The Chronicles of Riddick. An unknown but slim number of Furyans managed to escape the devastation, and from Furya itself, but the planet is now "dead, with no life to speak of."

For a franchise that only sports 2 films, an animated movie, and comic adaptations, there is certainly a deep mythology.  If Diesel is accurate in assessing Universal's desire to pursue more movies in the franchise, we could be seeing quite a bit more of Richard B. Riddick in the coming years.

Source: FacebookWikipedia



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